Question Router Control

Jul 10, 2019
I have a Linksys EA7300 smart router that has over 50 devices connected, cell phones, tablets and computers. The built in parental control feature only allows 14 devices to be controlled and block via mac address handles 32. What can I do to limit the users and what that have access to online. I want the password to be available but I want to be able to control access to the internet.

Help needed Olumba


Who has admin rights to the router?

You cannot make the router's admin login and password available and expect to control access to the router and internet.

You might be able to establish some control by limiting the range of available DHCP IP addresses and assigning Static IP addresses to those users allowed to be "uncontrolled.

Reserve Static IPs for those users via the applicable User device MACs. Be sure that the assigned Static IP addresses are outside of the configured DHCP IP address range.,

Then the to be controlled Users would receive IP addresses within the limited DHCP IP address range and, being fewer in number, controllable within the 14 and 32 "limits".

May be a bit tricky to set up and manage but should be easy to do some testing and see if the plan is at all viable.