Router Disconnects Ethernet Connection

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May 12, 2012
Hey Authority Tom!

I use an ethernet from Windows 7 PC to router.
3 other devices are connected to the router but are either shut down (PCs) or doing little if no activity (one ethernet and one wireless printer).

TP-LINK, TL-WR340GD router.

A couple of my sftp programs show disconnects (they say 15+ seconds of no connection but I am uncertain if that's real data) whereas disconnects do not interfere with browsing.

The disconnects happen about every hour, plus or minus and do not depend on traffic. The timing of the disconnects in not exact telling me it's not a program timed to disconnect.
Besides, my sftp program has keep-alive enabled.

My new ISP, wireless to the mountain in front of me, pinged and pinged and tested and tested from their end and saw nothing. No other customer saw this.

My old ISP (dsl) doesn't show this problem (I still have them for now). They have their own router. I understand that I cannot use my old ISP router for my new ISP connection. So, I have the TP-Link router.

When I took the TP-LINK router out of the line and connected my PC directly to the antenna on the house, there were absolutely no disconnects for over 8 hours.

This tells me that it is the router - not my computer, network card, cable from the computer to router (it works on my old ISP), cable to house antenna and beyond. I still have the old ISP and keep checking it's stability, and it is.

I looked at the router instructions and got lost after page one. I was looking for something to keep it alive and saw nothing.

Could this be a bad router or is there some setting that I can configure to keep the connection alive?

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