Router Drops IP Adress For No Reason

Oct 30, 2018
Hello, for about 3 weeks I'm experiencing some strange behaviour from my router. I have a TP-Link router and when I start downloading something on my PC or Xbox then the Internet stops working. The time before it stops working is always different. Sometimes it works for about an hour then it stops working, sometimes it takes 10 minutes, 30 minutes etc. If the Internet stops working then I go to my router settings through web browser using but I can't see anything under the WAN section. No IP, no subnet mask, no gateway, no DNS server. I have Dynamic IP address and when I change it to Static IP Address and fill the necessary info then the Internet still doesn't work. I need to restart the router in order to make it work. Also when I have Dynamic IP enabled and when I click on renew button which should get IP Address, DNS etc. then nothing happens. I need to restart the router.
Can you please give me some advice? Is it something with my router or ISP? Thank you.
Well first off, if you have a dynamic IP service with your ISP, u should never try to force it to static. I am talking about your WAN side. When your ISP tells you "OK, now am going to renew your IP" and because your forced it to static and give no response, the far end thinks you have disconnected.