Router History Data

Most routers do not have a feature to track it and even if they did where would they store it its not like they have any form of hard drive.

You would likely need to use a third party firmware like dd-wrt on a router that supports it along with a external machine used to log the data and produce reports.


Mar 5, 2010

thanx bill ........ does ISP store mac address info of the pc connected to it .........if yes then how do I retrieve it ???
If you have a router between the ISP and the machines the ISP only sees the mac of the router. If there is no router then the ISP sees the mac addresses and they likely could log it similar to how you would. The DHCP server must give out and keep track of IP it is not real hard to log this information. This is how they know who had what IP at what time if they government comes asking at a later date.