Router hogging bandwidth?


Aug 30, 2012
Our house has a modem and a wireless router. The modem runs through the walls and the wireless router is connected to one of the wall jacks. I am connected to a different jack that traces back directly to the modem. I have been noticing huge ping issues(normally around 50 ping on ventrilo but lately its around 300). I noticed today my ping was fine until someone came home and hopped on the wireless connection. We have comcast 24mb/s. I know no one in the house is downloading anything that would hog the bandwidth, in fact the jump occurred immediately after one of my roommates logged onto the network, even though they weren't even surfing the net. Is it possible the router is hoging bandwidth when in use? Also the router is a Netgear WGR614 V.9.


It's unlikely that the router is "hogging" bandwidth, which is measured in MB/s or mbps. Latency is a measure of time, rather than speed, and it's possible that the latency (time it takes to reach a server) goes up when a wireless PC connects, but it's more likely that whatever your roomate is doing increases network latency.