Router loses Internet connection from Modem


Apr 20, 2015
Hello All,

It has come to the point where I need to post to get an answer as my ISP are useless.

My issue is pretty much this. The internet connection on my router will dropout every 1-2 hours, after me unplugging the ethernet cable out and in again, the connection will work immediately then eventually disconnect.

My setup is this;

In my study I have a modem supplied by my ISP Optus, I have Optus Cable. From my modem I have an ethernet cable running under my house into my bedroom which connects into a router, this router then supplies WiFi and extra ethernet ports for my computer and consoles. I have been running this setup up for a few years as my bedroom is far from my modem.

Recently this issue occurred and my router was cheap so I replaced it. The same issue persisted with the new router so I initially thought the new router was faulty. This led me to get a newer router.

THE same issue persists. Now you may say it may be something else.

I've used multiple ethernet cables and sat right next to my modem and watch it happen.
I've hard reset my modem and router, same thing happens.
I've contacted my ISP and they say no issues are coming up and the modem is running smoothly.
I receive perfect connection directly to the modem.\

So why does my router disconnect from my modem? Ive used this setup for years and have never had these issues. pls help :(

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