Question Router not outputing speed over 10 Mbps

Feb 3, 2021
I bought a Xiaomi 4c router a while back. I have a 30 Mbps connection coming into our next-door neighbors home who are family. We ran an outdoor cable from their home into our home and into the router and split the monthly bill. When we first connected the cable we were getting the full 30 Mbps speed from the router but after a while, I couldn't get a speed over 10 Mbps. I tried reconnecting the cable and it worked but I had to keep doing this every few days. After a few months though even this stopped working, I connected the cable to a laptop and got the full speed but when i connected to the router I couldnt. I logged into the router configuration site and switched the wan port speed from auto to 100M but it still didn't fix it.
Can anyone tell me if I have to replace the router or can it be fixed?


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You might want to state how the cable ends up in your neighbors home when you're trying to plug it into your router...? I'm asking if your neighbor has a router similar to yours whereby you're piggybacking off of his router to get connectivity to the www.

If so, include the make and model of your neighbors router. You might want to also see if your router is pending any firmware updates. If your neighbor has a router as well, make sure their router's firmware is up to date as well.
So you have 2 router one in each house ?

Most issues like this are cable related. Some devices tolerate a defective cable better than others so they work on some but not others. Most times it is the ends being internally loose and not the wire itself. This is even more true if you bough fake cable. If you are using what is called CCA cable rather than pure copper cables the different expansion rates between the aluminum and the copper cause issues.

The router you have is extremely cheap, I see it being sold as new for under $15.

Most times you can try other ports on the router to see if some work better or hook your PC to different ports. It could be the ethernet cable that runs between your pc and the router rather than the long cable. Hard to say that router does not have much to work with.

The best setup would be to run the router as a AP and hook the remote cable and your pc to the lan ports. In most routers there are 4 lan ports in this router there are only 2 and I am not sure you can even disable the dhcp server which would be required for that setup.