Question Router problem


Apr 23, 2013
Hi, some help please,

I have a two router system used in bridge mode, the secondary which is an Asus dark knight is configured with dd wrt for the sole use of my VPN. All was working fine until my ISP made adjustment remotely to my primary router and I lost my VPN. After my enquiry with them all was put back to default, but since then I have still haven't got my VPN back. I now cannot access this secondary routers setup, I have detached it from my system and have connected it to a laptop offline, entered it‘s IP address as I have done before but it just times out reporting “unable to access server”. I have the laptop wired to the modem WAN to LAN but still nothing. Am I doing this all wrong?

When I try to use my streaming devices I can see the SSID but it will not latch on to it. The reason I want to get into my secondary router is so I can check to see if the LAN is set to DCHP as I was advised.
If you connect a ethernet cable to secondary router your pc should get a IP if DHCP is running on the lan. You of course need your PC set to not have a fixed IP.
Which router did you put in bridge mode. I assume you mean the ISP router. If you mean the vpn router then things get messy because you can do lots of strange stuff with dd-wrt....partially why people load it.

In general when you set a device to bridge mode it purely acts as a media converter between wifi and ethernet. It does not run DHCP or any of the function a router does. In general you can't run VPN on a device that is running in bridge mode.
Now maybe you are running a very strange configuration with dd-wrt.

In any case if the dd-wrt box is in bridge mode you are going to have to remember what IP you put on the lan. You would then set your pc nic setting with a IP in the same subnet and set the mask properly.

If you can't remember what you did I would factory reset the box. Generally it enables the DHCP server and runs in router mode as default. I have not run dd-wrt in many years I run merlin firmware. If your router is actually a n66u you can run a older version of merlin on it.

In any case the best way to run this is going to be.

ISP router (in bridge mode)----VPN router(in router mode)----your end devices. The ISP router can also run in router mode which lets devices that don't need vpn get direct access but it can make vpn harder to setup.