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Dec 13, 2018
My ISP can't provide any better speeds for my area, so if I buy a new "Gaming" router or something along those lines, could my speeds be increased from just that router purchase or would it just help for connectivity from my router to my PC?
Maybe I could sell you a "gaming" ethernet cable to go along with your router. It is all a marketing scam. Gamers seem to be real suckers for this. Remember when they used to put the word "turbo" on every pc box in existence.

The connection between your pc and the router is faster than your internet so it will never be the bottleneck. I assume you do not have gigabit internet or you would not be here asking.

Almost every router in existence is faster than the internet connection it will not be the source of a bottleneck...again I will assume you do not have gigabit internet.

All gaming routers do is have some fancy pre configured QoS settings for some of the more common games. QoS is only used when you are exceeding your bandwidth. It can be used to some extent to prioritize say the gaming traffic over netflix. It does not magically increase the bandwidth it just makes the netflix performance even worse to allow the gaming traffic to not be affected. QoS has no effect at all if you have not exceeded your bandwidth. If you have exceeded your bandwidth your only real solution is to buy more or reduce the usages. You are better off configuring custom QoS settings if you have issues rather than depend on some silly preconfigured gaming settings that know nothing about your particular needs.

A lot of this stuff is purely marketing guys putting out techno babble to try to impress people who are too lazy to learn what all the words really mean.
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What speed, type (dsl, docsis), and how many people will be trying to use it? There is one qos worth trying. The edge router X or openwrt have a great one. I only have 6Mbs and if something is downloading gaming still works fine and netflix doesn't buffer. If you have 25Mbs - 50 it works much better.