Question Router says no internet, if I plug ethernet directly into laptop I can access limited # of sites.

Oct 5, 2019
Hi all,

Hate to be that guy and create an account when I need a questions answered.

Some background:
I randomly stopped receiving internet connection a few days ago. I have a background in network administration so I started trouble shooting each part of the chain. I went through all known possibilities on both my laptops and router. I first thought it was a DNS issue so I remapped the DNS to both Google and cloudfront. After going through troubleshooting to the best of my knowledge I then connected the ethernet directly into my laptop. To my surprise I was able to go to Youtube, Netflix, Facebook, WSJ, and NyTimes. Basically every other site I was unable to connect to. I was unable to connect to anything if I plugged the ethernet directly into my tv. I was unable to connect to Steam or rocket league servers.

I also bought a new router and it was unable to connect to the internet as well. My internet is provided apart of my lease. I am in a family owned old apartment building. I assume they have a business line ISP coming in and one switch + maybe a modem that goes to all 5 of the apartments. I have no clue how I am able to connect to a few websites (having youtube and netflix makes it bearable), but not the majority of the internet. It also confuses me how my router picks up no IP address or anything. It basically thinks im plugging into nothing.

I texted my landlord today, but I wonder if y'all have any ideas.


edit: if I go to google and do the speed test, it says I have 500mbps download lol


Run tracert and pathping via the command prompt on your laptop. Target Google's IP address (

What are the results of "arp -a"?

Post the results.

Likewise run "ipconfig /all" via your laptop and post the results.

Overall, it is likely the landlord who will be able to resolve or explain any issues.

The landlord should have admin rights with regards to the modem, router, or modem/router serving the building.

There may be QoS restrictions in place.