Router set to bridged mode


Nov 5, 2012
My ISP provided me a modem/wireless router (Cisco EPC3925),which I accidentally set to "bridge mode" (I don't really have a grasp of what it does by the way),so it now doesn't have any router functions. I've connected another TP-Link router to one of it's LAN outputs,so now my home network and internet connection are fine,i'd just like to now if there was any way to set the ISP provided device back to router mode (I can't access the configuration page on like before,also tried resetting the device) and would there be any advantage of it? (I will use the TP-Link either way,since it's 300Mbps).
If you like your TP-link better then it is better to have the cisco in bridge mode. It makes things like port mapping much simpler.

Getting to a device when you put it in bridge mode tends to be tricky. You in most case must manually set you pc into the same subnet. What that exact subnet will be depends on the device and I don't know about this cisco. Some will use the default address set by the factory, other will use whatever address you last set it to.

It should reset factory default (ie router mode) if you take something and put in in that hole and hold it for 10 seconds.