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Question router settings for NAS and home network streaming via ethernet


Jul 30, 2017

Is there anything I should be setting my router too to allow it to transfer data from media boxes to a NAS via Ethernet connected to my router. I've noticed in the past on rare occasions that my router stops the internet traffic, I know this because the WiFi still works but the home network does not. Normally it sorts itself out or I just re-set it. Router settings are not my strong point.
I have the TP Archer C7, and I've notice lately that I can't upload files to my external hard dive enclosure (NAS will be replacing it) that is connected to the network.
I normally connect to it using "map network drive" by wifi, i can get into the files but i can't upload files. i tested my upload speed at the time and it was averaging between 10-20Mbps.
Is there anything fundamental that I should definitely have in my router settings, or will standard out the box settings work as intended?
When you connect both the PC and the NAS to the router lan ports function as a simple switch. There are no settings that make any difference in the router. You should be able to get close to 1gbit transfer rates. The disks inside the nas and your pc may limit you to less.

If you have trouble seeing the drive map it with the IP address. Sometime the name stuff does not work correctly with some nas units.
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One thing that will improve speeds (probably by a huge amount too) is to use your wired connections for data transfers, especially big ones. 10-20Mbs is 50-100x slower than gigabit, and if you meant 10-20MB/s, that's still only 1/10 to 1/20 of the full bandwidth available on gigabit, and is much slower than most drives can transfer. I can hit 60-80MB/s on my gigabit network using very old sata drives.