router switching off


Nov 4, 2014
Hey guys, Im getting problems with router lately. It keeps switching off whenever i connect other devices to wi-fi or via ethernet cable. We have two PCs they work just fine, but connecting PS or phones or tablets just making router go off or DLS/internet not working/not connected. We have to all the time restart the router. Very often internet browsers say the website is not secure https is red and scrached. This problem started after 6 months using the router, before it was working just fine. Also we have wifi extender and extender in wall plug, coz in our attic room internet from wall was not working, so we pair router and this extender so we could use ethernet cable to make internet work in our PCs. Hope it makes sence, I have never been into software and internet stuff :)
The "not secure" message can occur due to antivirus programs that replace the website SSL certificate with their own. If you click on the words "not secure" it will give you a better idea about why.

Your router does sound like it is having a problem. Hopefully the issue is with the router software. I would suggest that try a "factory reset" of the router. Before you do, you will want to write down the current special settings and you might want to have access to the owner's manual. You may have to do some setup after the reset. If the reset fails to fix the issues, then it could be a hardware failure and you may need to replace the router.

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