Router -> Wall -> Switch -> Modem = No internet


Nov 8, 2012
Here's what's going on

My router is in the basement right now and the signal strength is random and unreliable. So, I wanted to move it upstairs. The only problem is the modem is downstairs, and all the cables through-out the house finish off down there with it.

So I bought a switch to replace the router's original spot in the basement, and figured the router could just move upstairs (just plug it into the closest wall port and connect it to the switch downstairs) . Except the router doesn't have access to the internet.

I mentioned this to my technician buddy and he said a lot of the routers are looking for that direct connection to the modem, and lower end switches aren't smart enough to relay that information (cause technically it IS just plugged into the modem). He suggested trying to set the ports with static IPs to make it think it is directly connected.

If he's right, could someone tell me how I would go about setting the static IPs for the router and the switch?
Or if you think there is another option, please, let me know.

Thank You