Question Routing 8 fans and Kraken x63 thru two ports?!

Dec 2, 2021
Hi guys,

I just decided to get into PC gaming recently, so my PC is almost completely new. I bought it pre-built, and got so hyped up that I instantly went for some sexy upgrades: the Lian Li case, Kraken cooler, lotsa fans, since it's honestly just aesthetically better looking.
I figured all my fans kinda bottlenecked at the amount of connections that my motherboard allows. First I bought 3-pin fans, and that was a bit of a nope, as it's very noisy, and in hindsight felt stupid with the amount of fans. So now I got a set of 4-pins on the way in the mail, thankfully.

Well, first off my computer is a as follows:

Asus RTX 2060 OC EVO

NZXT Kraken X63
2x 140mm NZXT Aer fans
5x 120mm Arctic F12 PWM fans (this will be 6x soon)
Arctic 10-way Fan Hub

1. So my biggest curiosity is whether I can put the Kraken and its fans (intake on the hidden side of the radiator!) on the same port with a splitter? I understand that the motor and fans will run on same percentage speeds this way? I find the fans a bit noisy at 60+%, so would preferably avoid that too.

2. Then I want the case fans (all air flow going upwards btw) to just be controlled by the GPUs temps, butbutbut, if 1. isn't possible, or reasonable to do, I guess I'd have to consider how far down I can allow all my fans to go, to not compromise on CPU cooling?

3. Also I see some people saying they don't max out their fan curves to 100%, since I don't have the beefiest setup, and quite a lot of fans, I'm gonna assume that I won't need to have my fans go to 100% ever, or what's your òpinion on this?

4. Bonus question... do you think I could turn the motor to get the tubes in a different angle, without compromising the thermal paste on there, which btw is the factory stuff or is it kinda game over if I dont put new paste on there?

Thank you so much for helping me, and please tell me if it doesn't make any sense!




Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

A computer isn't built with just a processor and a GPU, you should mention the make and model of your motherboard as well as the model of your Lian-Li case. Also, I'd advise on making sure your motherboard is on the latest BIOS version. You might want to parse an image of the current setup and then include the mockups of how you want to arrange the components in the case. Often times than not, users tend to shoot their own foot trying to do it their own way. Since you asked, it's best you get the layout right.

This the hub you're working with?