RT-N66U and GX-D1081 not connecting at 1000mbps


Nov 7, 2012
I just bought an ASUS RT-N66U gigabit router and an ASUS GX-D1051 gigabit switch.
I connected the cable modem to the router, and then connected the router to my switch (and then connected a couple of PCs to the switch). Everything is working fine, except the light on the switch port that is connected to the router is orange, indicating a 100mbps connection (the connections from the switch to the PCs are both green - 1000mbps). The router and switch are both supposed to support 1000mbps. Any idea why I'm not getting 1000mbps between the switch and router? I verified it is not the cable - tried both a CAT-5E and a brand new short CAT-6.
One way to see if you are getting any difference in bandwidth is to do a speed test on the computers as they are connected to the swirch and then connect them to the router and see if there is a difference.

The LED indicates the adapter is connected to 10BaseT, 100BaseTX, or 1000BaseT network. When the light is OFF, it indicates that the adapter is connected to 10BaseT network. When the light is ON in green color, it indicates that the adapter is connected to 100BaseTX network. When the light is ON in amber color, it indicates that the adapter is connected to 1000BaseT network.

This was taken from my motherboards owners manual.
There are two leds on a nework dapter or port and the activity led will be the one that is blinking and it will be blinking orange for traffic going through the adapter.
On the speed led it's the one that stays solid and doesn't blink and if it's off then it's 10mbps,if it's on and orange it's 100mbps and if it's on and green then it's 1000mbps.

So with that being two differnet descriptions you will have to find out what the led sequence on the switch is supposed to be. If the router has a web browser access page you can go in and see what the settings are and if they need changing.
You may end up giving the Asus tech support an email asking for the led sequence.



Oct 26, 2013

I was getting the same indications, connecting a gigabit router to the ASUS switch and the switch had a amber light, indicating a 100mbps connection. After plugging in several switches and routers of different speeds I've concluded the the lamps indications are backwards. Known 100mbps switches lit the green light and visa versa.

I'm just going to live with it.