Question rtx 2060 and ryzen 7 3800x

Jun 28, 2019
i have the rtx 2060 and im thinking of getting ryzen 7 3800x with it. Im wondering would it be too big of a bottleneck.

PC Tailor

Remember bottlenecks is a misused and dynamic term. There is no single hardware that bottlenecks another (outside of maybe pairing a 2nd gen i3 with a brand new top of the line GPU)

"Bottlenecks" are application dependant:
  • In CPU intensive applications, you may find the 3800x may bottleneck regardless as to the GPU.
  • In GPU intensive applications, you may find the GPU will bottleneck regardless as to the CPU.
It's all about identifying the applications you run, and identifying what performance you want from it, then what is the most logical upgrade from that point. :)

Technically nearly every system will have a bottleneck in each application, so all it is is finding it and upgrading it if you deem it necessary. Ultimately, there is also nothing wrong with a bottleneck, you just know that in that particular application, where your weak point is.

That being said, if you are running at 1080p, then anything more than a RTX 2060 would probably be wasted potential.

EDIT: I had taken this from a previous thread, however I agree that just save the money and get a 3700X if you want high end. Also if you are gaming, anything more isn't really necessary.
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