Question Rtx 2060 coil whine at clock boost in games.

Jan 5, 2021
Hello guys , my GPU( Galax rtx 2060 1-click oc) has been having this strange noise for a few days. When I use the computer for simpler tasks, I don't hear any noise, however in games like Cyberpunk 2077, Horizon Zero Dawn, etc., I hear this annoying hum. The strangest thing is that when I press "esc" on the keyboard, and open the game menu, the noise stops immediately, restarting when I return to the game. I already interrupted the GPU and CPU fans, just before making this video (link below), but the noise continues. I noticed some more curious things:

1. I opened some racing games(project cars 1-2, Need For Speed Heat, MXGP 2020) and the noise did not appear. I realized that in these games my GPU is below 1600 MHZ. The clock boost of my GPU is 1695 Mhz, but in games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Horizon Zero dawn, the clock reaches 1900 Mhz, thus starting the noise.

2. I ran a stress test with MSI Kombustor 4 and the maximum GPU clock was at 1700 Mhz, and the coil whine is barely noticeable.

Should I worry about that? The GPU has just over two months of use.
My PSU is an EVGA 500W 80 plus white.