Question RTX 2060 Heating issue in helios 300 (2019 model)

Oct 25, 2020
I have the 2019 model of Acer predator Helios 300 ( i7 9th gen, RTX 2060 ), and when I play witcher 3 (or any graphics demanding game) at ultra settings (optimized by geforce experience), the gpu temps go upto 80-85 degree(mostly 82-83), but the cpu and system temps are mid 70s (which I think is optimal). The laptop was factory undervolted and I use a preset of throttlestop ( given on the acer community site. I've read a few posts on r/GamingLaptops about the 2020 model of the same series having temps around mid-60s or even less for the gpu while playing the same games at ultra, is it some upgrade made to the GPU in this year models or is my setup(throttlestop preset mentioned above) not upto the mark? Any help would be appreciated.