Aug 10, 2017
So, I recently purchased a laptop with the following Specs:

CPU: i7 10750h
GPU: RTX 2060 6GB
SSD: 500GB

Current OS: Windows 11 with the latest updates installed.

I have tested it in multiple games, most seem to run pretty well, except for Rust, Tarkov & League of Legends.

Changing settings within Rust doesn't seem to make much or any difference at all.

I have attempted to test several fixes:
  1. Changing Power Mgmt within NVIDIA control panel.
  2. Make sure it's using the proper GPU instead of Intel HD.
  3. Test several game settings (same results).
  4. Edit power-plan and disable & enable CPU Turbo Boost.
  5. Always make sure the Laptop is plugged in while playing.
  6. Use DLSS On & DLSS Off.
  7. Since the laptop is MSI - changing settings within the Dragon Center, no results.
  8. Reinstalling NVIDIA drivers with DDU. Drivers are latest game-ready Nvidia drivers
Here I will post a test benchmark video recorded using ShadowPlay, one thing that seems odd to me is the GPU VRAM. It seems nearly capped out.


Is this strange, any ideas on how it might be fixable, Tarkov is a similar situation fps hovers near 45-50, with drops even tho settings are some of the lowest possible, and League runs at around 80, 90 fps when Youtube benchmarks for the same specs reflect much higher FPS.

I'm most concerned with Rust since it's what I mostly use to play.