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Question Rtx 2060 ko ultra has higher fps in rtx minecraft?

Apr 6, 2019
I own an rtx 2060 ko ultra, and my friend owns a rtx 2060 FE, we both downloaded the Minecraft ray tracing beta. We decided to compare FPS and I found that I was getting anywhere from 5-15 better average FPS on the same seed in the same spots, looking at the same area etc. we both have Ryzen 7 2700x’s, and we both have 16gb of ram at 3200mhz. I was wondering if anyone in the comments noticed this at all or was curious enough to test it on there own, and I figured I would leave this in the gamers nexus comments if they ever wanted to look into this.


Why would you be surprised that a higher tiered card is getting a few more FPS than a reference model card? Of course it's supposed to work that way, that's kind of the whole point.

Not only do you have an aftermarket card, but it's about a half tier or so above the reference model. Nothing to see here.

The only thing surprising, is that you think it's surprising. LOL.