Question RTX 2060 SUPER, high fps but not smooth at all (PUBG)

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Oct 9, 2014
Hey guys
First of all, thanks in advance for reading this.
I ve encountered a weird issue regarding to pubg since I upgraded my graphics card from a MSI 1060 6GB to a ASUS RTX 2060 SUPER 8GB.

My setup is the following:

CPU: Intel I7-8700K
RAM: 2x8GB DDR4 3200 RAM
MOBO: Asrock Z370 Extreme 4
Monitor: ASUS PG248Q+ASUS VG248QZ both running on 144 Hz, connected via DP ports.
PSU: 750W EVGA (gold)
-Samsung 840 evo SSD ( win 10)
-Samsung 860 evo SSD ( games)
-1 tb WD Blue HDD (for everything else)

The issue: every time my fps drops a bit ( even if its just a few fps, like 2-3 )my screen becomes choppy, like its microstuttering, and it is really, really annoying. It mostly happens when looting in houses, big cities, georgopol, polyana, pochinki etc..or when zooming in with a scope, but generally I can notice that the game is not smooth, no matter where I am on the map.

I have literally tried everything I could find on many forums.
It only affects PUBG.
OW, Apex, CSGO, WoW and so on, are completely smooth.
I have been through the following things:
-Clean OS install, only mobo drivers and nvidia driver installed (issue still persists), tried it with and w/o Realtek sound driver.
-Different versions of Nvidia drivers (used DDU in safe mode)
-a ton of different NVCP settings
-Vsync on /off, G-sync on, off
-Different in game settings
-Limited FPS ingame. Downloaded RTSS and used that to limit fps, and monitor framespikes.
-Tried to use only one monitor (tested it with 3 monitors)
-Intelligent standby memory cleaner ( did not work at all)
- OCd my cpu, gpu
-Downloaded the shut up win 10 app, and used recommended settings
-turned off GAME mode in WIN 10
-Set my WIN 10 scheme to performance mode
-Reseated the GPU, changed cables.
and so on.
The thing that bothers me the most is, even if I limit my fps (either in game, or RTSS) and my fps drops from for ex.: 100 to 98 the smoothness of the game is gone at that right moment, and the microstuttering starts.
I ve experimented with different FPS limits, but it does not matter, how much the limit is, it always drops a bit and the microstuttering happens.
I am literally out of ideas of what to do. It is the 5. day in row and I am still sitting here with no clue of the issue.
I do not want to RMA the card, because as I ve already mentioned, all the other games are working perfectly.
3D mark scores are also good, no stuttering. (9200 points with the time spy test on default settings, as far as I remember).
My friends tell me that its just the poor optimization of the game, but I just cant accept that. There must be other players with the same GPU as mine (or similar setup) and I find that hard to believe that I am the only one going crazy by this.
I would really appreciate some suggestions or anything that could help.
I play mostly PUBG when I have some spare time and it totally ruins my exp.
Thank you


Oct 9, 2014
Try different presets, like full screen, borderless, windowed. Also experiment by disabling windows full screen optimizations under the .exe file properties.
Okay, Im gonna try the full screen with disabled full screen optimizations
Edit: didnt work
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