Question rtx 2060 super ROG strix or 2070 super Windforce x3 OC?

Sep 18, 2019
Hey guys i have been struggling between these two gpus for their $1 usd difference in price. I'm from argentina and newegg has them both available at the moment of creating this thread.
The points wich make me unsure which one to pick are build quality, cooling and performance, given that if there happens to be a problem me being from argentina and the cards shipping from the US may cause trouble if a return is required. So i want to make the safest choice possible all things considered.
I haven't been able to find reviews of the windforce x3 oc version of the 2070 super or the 2060 super strix for that matter, i'm aiming for 1080p 144hz in a room where in summer things can get a bit hot where the pc will be located, hence my interest in a good cooling version.
As for the performance i'm not sure if the strix wich has a bigger oc clock may cut the difference closer with the 2070s windforce x3 given it's smaller factory OC or if maybe despite that, the architecture of the 2070s will still put it ahead of an oc'd 2060s
All help is greatly appreciated

Also if you wonder why i didn't mention any of the rx 5700 xt as an option is because i'm tired of waiting for a good one to come out and also to be available for shipping to Argentina given that in newegg some newer models are available in the US but not for Argentina. And i don't mind to pay what amounts to almost $90 usd in difference for aither of the cards mentioned above.