Question RTX 2060

Dec 19, 2019
My question is can I run two RTX 2060 on my computer? Is there benefit for running two and the downside?
As far as I know you cannot sli or nv link 2060 as they dont have the necessary connections. If you're talking about using two in the system for other purposes, I cannot speak on that.

It's always best to use the most powerful single card you can afford. Most games aren't scaling well in sli, if at all. Making it pointless to have 2 cards.


Can you run 2? Yes. In PCIE slots of x16, x8, x4(not recommended).

Is there a benefit? Yes, on the professional level - sorry, that's the best answer I can give because I'm not familiar with those programs.
I just know that some run multi-gpu Titan and Quadro setups for the kind of work they do.

-Heat produced; overall higher case thermals. The top card at the very least, should be a blower type(ideal for tight spaces). A standard fan model will thermal throttle due to proximity to the bottom card.
-Overall power consumed.
-A robust power supply is a must, don't even try to cheap out here, not that anyone ever should.
-Driver support is sorely lacking. So most times, you'll have one card sitting in your motherboard doing nothing. In some applications, the drivers are really half-assed, so the gains aren't as great as they could be.
-Requires a top notch cpu so your getting the most out of the multi-gpu setup - at least, for games.

The downsides far outweigh the benefits.