Question RTX 2070 issues for the past 2 weeks.

Sep 28, 2020
Hi all! This might be a bit of a long read so bear with me.

About two weeks ago I was started getting some major artifacting from my PC. Naturally I assumed the GPU (yes I messed with the ram and psu first) so I sent it in for an RMA with asus. The RMA process was smooth. Took about 7 days. Got it back with a note that said "garbage or crapped display by 3D bench. Used all display ports for windows 10" or something like that. I don't have the note on me. Anyways. I put the gpu back in anddddddd BOOM same issue. Mind you this is a new GPU. So it was definitely a bit odd. So I started looking for some help. I went over to my buddy's and we swapped GPU's his worked in my PC (mostly) and my GPU worked in his ONCE. Now this would lead me to believe it's a HARDWARE issue, HOWEVER. After a clean install of windows 10 last night, it worked fine PRIOR TO DRIVER INSTALLATION. upon installing nvidia drivers from geforce experience my screen went black. No cursor nothing. It looked like the screen was off (it wasn't) I restarted the PC I was able to see the bios and other loading screens but the moment I loaded into windows 10 the screen went black.

TL;DR gpu, RMA artifacting, new windows copy, works, install gpu drivers, black screen, bios works but not windows.