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Question rtx 2070 issues

Jul 12, 2020
Ok this is a weird one even for me....

I bought a second hand zotac ampp extreme rtx 2070 and it wouldnt work on three other gaming desktops in my house but works(with some issues) on my main rig.

Other rigs that all are known working pcs with 1000 watt psu it doesn't work with and here are a small break down of specs. These all work with my rtx 2080 ti, gtx 1070, gtx 1060, and gtx 970 no issues.

Pc #1 z97-hd3 w/4590k
Pc #2 z97 msi gaming and 4790k
Pc #3 z370 asrock and 8700k

It will display bios w/o issue and work in safe mode on basic drivers all day np. It will work on basic drivers in non safe mode all day long as long as I don't let windows install drivers automatically but as soon as it installs the screens(a lg 4k tv, a asus pg279q, and a hp omen x 35) it will flash to put proper resolution and then almost immediately go black screen until i hard shut down. It will reboot and show bios again(as long as I want to use it) and load windows but only for about 10-20 seconds then black screen again. On all three of the above rigs.

Main rig 1000 watt psu also
X299 asrock gaming 3 and 9800x

It everything mentioned above exactly but when I manually powered it down after blank screen upon loading windows it loaded back up and just worked w/o any issues once windows installed the driver. I gamed on it to be sure it worked and made sure to update to latest nvidia drivers via GeForce experience and all is well except that when I try to shut down the computer it won't fully shut down with out my hard shutting it down. (Starts back up and is fine but never will fully shut down no matter what).

I even overclocked the card with afterburner and ran userbenchmark with some impressive results tbh but while gaming if I overclock the gpu ram at all it crashes the game. Normal mhz overclock works perfect while gaming but this leads me to belive the card has bad ram. Any suggestions on how to make it work im open too as I really don't wanna use it in my main rig since thats the home of my 2080 ti

I feel as if I should mention I've done the basics of installing windows fresh and ddu. This did not fix my issue.

Please and thanks

update 1 - it didnt want to work after loading windows in my main pc but after a hard shut down (twice) the pc was off but the motherboard lights were still on (rgb wise) and then upon rebooting the card worked again np. I dont get it!

https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/30511347 (to show the card and system work)
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