Question RTX 2070 - Poor performances (getting around half FPS as normal)

Jun 23, 2020
Hello ,

First off, here is my config :
- Motherboard : Asus TUF Z390-Plus Gaming​
- CPU : Intel Core i7 9700K​
- RAM : 2 * 8 Go - 3000 MHz​
- GPU : Asus GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER Dual EVO​
- PSU : Seasonic Core GM 650 W​
- Screen : Optix AG32CQ 144 Hz 1440p (which is the resolution I use)​
- Software : Windows 10 Home​

I bought my PC a few months ago, but only had time recently to start playing GPU intensive game. Unfortunately, my FPS were quite low :
- 30 to 45 fps max on AC:Origins/Odyssey - using the medium preset​
- 40 to 50 fps max on RDR2 - in a custom preset (which mix of medium to ultra settings)​
When having these low FPS, lowering settings/resolution only nets me a little to no additional FPS.

For a few days I managed to get full performances (using exactly the same graphics settings) :
- 80 to 95 fps on AC:Origins/Odyssey​
- 70 to 90 fps on RDR 2​
I thought that was due to clean booting my PC (disabling every options regarding fast boot), but it didn't last long.

After 4 days of great performances, my PC went back to its low performances and I honestly don't know what to do.
- I factory resetted my Windows (although I did not clean my other harddrive)​
- Checked every cable was properly connected​
- Tried default settings both from my bios and Nvidia Control Panel​

I monitored my PC (using GPU-Z) while playing any of those games and :
- my GPU load is around 99% with a full clock speed (1950 MHz)​
- the "Perfcap reason" says "idle"​
- GPU is around 63°C​
- CPU is around 65 to 75°C​

I would be truly grateful to anyone willing to help. Please let me know if you need more details.

Thanks in advance.