Question Rtx 2070 super gaming 3xfans or Rtx 3070


Sep 4, 2020
  • Ryzen 5 3600
  • Msi b450m A
  • Corsair 32gb 3600
  • Be quite! System 9 psu 700w
  • Ssd Samsung evo 500gb
  • Msi R9 380 (from old build aka the reason I need a New gpu)
Well guys just hear me out. I don't know what I should do. Right now I am saving money for a rtx2070 super gaming x3 (3 fans). But as I see it now I should wait and get the rtx3070. Still it is not even released yet. And most of the time it needs time to establish an realiable and stable New series. I just dont want to become overhyped and end up with the wrong GPU.

The rtx3070 is estimated at an price even cheaper then what you would pay for the rtx2070 super gaming x3 right now in the netherlands. Howcome?? Should I believe that or will it be a lot more expensive than the rtx 2070 super gaming x3fans???

And whats up with the power connector???. Is the right power connector to psu cable also given with the gpu?? How will it connect to the psu??

Right now they say 750 watt is recommended for the rtx3070. Do I have to buy a New psu for the rtx3070??

I've build my own pc but I am far from a pro so I really could use some help.

My goal is to play games (mostly openworld games especially elden ring)
On high to ultra settings on 1080p with stable 60fps
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The 3070 is certainly something to wait for. As indications are it may be 2080 Super level of performance.

Couldn't say about the PSU. Not until real world numbers are out. When they make those recommendations. They are usually conservative numbers. Since they don't know what junk PSU you may have. Nor if your CPU is a power hungry i9-10900K.

If you want it fast. You'll have to buy it as soon as it is available. Before there is time to read reviews ask opinions.