Question RTX 2070 Super Hot-boxing my Rig


Aug 30, 2015
I have just upgraded to the MSI 2070 super Gaming X trio, And while it idles and plays some less demanding games at remarkably low temps, some games make my case into a raging inferno.

Played some Kenshi (uncapped) = 35c - 41c
Played Dark souls 2 = 32c - 38c
Played Lords of the Fallen (uncapped) = 54c - 58c
Played Metro 2033 Redux (uncapped) = 38 - 45c

These temps would appear to be perfectly acceptable, save for the fact that the backplate on the card get's so incredibly hot that my PC effectively becomes a small fan heater.

When playing Lords of the Fallen I noticed the room getting very warm after about 5 minutes. Went to inspect my system and I could not touch the backplate it was so hot. In a panic I quickly lunged at my keyboard to kill the game, as I've never had anything like this happen before.

The plate is so large that once it reaches it's thermal capacity, it essentially acts as a bar heater inside my case. This is despite having dual 120mm induction straight to the card, plus an additional 120, 200mm front induction plus 120, 140mm exhaust fans.

Needless to say, this turns my room into a furnace. I can't see this being a normality as I'm sure this is not among one of the sacrifices we are expected to make to run a mid-level card. Since the card has no VRM sensors I have no idea what is going on. Though given that the backplate is too hot to touch for more than a split second, I'd estimate it to be around 90c.

Not terrible for a core perhaps, but not for a hulking slab of metal on the exterior of the card. It's as if the card is being over-volted or something.

As an experiment, I swapped physics over to the CPU and it was slightly better. I then set the temp limit 69c with a linked power limit of 62% in Afterburner, which in Metro, dropped the temps by almost 10c despite the frame-rate remaining the same.

The worst offender by far is Lords of the Fallen. With Metro maxed and uncapped at 1440p the backplate did not get nearly so hot, though still what I would call unpleasantly and unreasonably hot considering the cooling conditions.

Also, I don't understand why lowering the power limit did anything at all since the card maxed out at 58c during LOTF test. Moreover why did the temps drop and yet the frame-rate stay the same ?

My old 980 with a possibly defective heat-sink contact idled at around 55c and yet it didn't emit even half of the heat that this 2070 does. Granted when playing less demanding games the 2070 operates not much higher than ambient temps (as does the backplate temp) And has been benchmark'ed to be the coolest 2070 on the market.

Presumably, something is causing the VRM's to go absolutely nuts in some of these games. It just doesn't add up for me.

Anyone else having similar issues or know what is going on here ?


Jun 11, 2019
Your gaming temperatures are absolutely fine.
These newer cards do get very hot to the touch on those metal backplates.
My RTX 2080 ti has one too that is extremely hot under load.
It is perfectly normal and just part of the heat dissipating design.




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