Question RTX 2070 Super - Potential issues?


Oct 25, 2016
Hi all,

Had some strange issues start happening with my system this afternoon. Everything has been running perfectly for months and this afternoon tried to load up Shadow of the Tomb Raider (done many times before) got all game sounds but a black screen. Tried a "fix" of launching in windowed mode and then switching to full screen from in game. Launches in windowed mode but when going to Graphics settings in game to switch the game crashes.

No updates have happened to the game, ran an integrity check on Steam. Tried updating graphics drivers - this made things worse. All text on my pc now has a sort of black fuzzy background on it and when launching the game in windowed mode some of the graphics on the menu have gone really odd. Still crashes when I try and go into the graphics settings.

At a bit of a loss - can't work out if the system is just being strange so considering a potential windows reinstall or if the graphics card itself is at fault!

Any ideas?!

Thanks :)