Question RTX 2070 Super Stutter/Low FPS gaming

Jul 7, 2020
Posted in wrong thread initially

I am having issues with my new build. Originally worked fine getting 120-150 FPS in Warzone on my 2070 super. After about a week overtime, I would get small stutters followed by slight FPS drops(50-60 FPS, but still seemed lagged). Now almost every 30 seconds I am getting stutters and extreme FPS drop (15-25fps) and the game is almost freezing it seems. I have no overclock, originally ran MSI Afterburner to monitor but thought something may have been causing issues so did a wipe of windows 10. It is on latest drivers, latest BIOS, and all mb drivers are up to date. Build is below. Temp is normal (30c idle/ MAX 70c gaming)

ryzen 5 3600
ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus wifi
MSI Gaming X 2070 Super
G Skill RipJaws 2x8GB 3600mhz
Inland professional 1TB m.2
EVGA 650w BQ semi modular
Frantically design Meshify C ATX case