Question RTX 2070 VR Frame Drops / Stutter at the start of games, and during new levels

Apr 5, 2020
So I have been getting random framedrops in every game I do that is somewhat intensive. Here is what I've done so far.

1.) Purchased 3 different RTX 2070 cards to try out, all have the same issue even when underclocked / overclocked / no super sampling on rift s same stutter.

2.) Fresh cleaned and installed the drivers each time.

3.) Ram was tested with mem test working fine

4.) PCIE on Mobo working fine otherwise it wouldn't even work.

5.) i7 9700k faulty rate is like 1% maybe?

6.) I doubt the H100i, or the fans are causing this issue even with the RGB, I monitored the temps etc.

7.) Unreal Heaven bench shows lowest at 3.7 FPS which is like wtf, if I run it again it gets to 37 FPS. Inconsistent

8.) Made sure all connections are properly plugged, and extensions are capable.

9.) Unplugged one of my monitors, and plugged in my Rift S to another USB 3.1 slot

10.) Contacted EVGA Support.

Process of elimination suggests that my 750 watt RMX Gold Corsair PSU is the problem. There is a chance that it's not delivering consistent 12 V is why I see random huge FPS drops / stutters.

System Specs:

H100i V2

4 LL Corsair 120 RGB Fans + Controller + Led Hub

1 TB WD Harddrive

2 500GB SSDs

RTX 2070 Super EVGA XC Ultra

Corsair Vengeance 32 GB RAM RGB

MSI MPZ Z390M Motherboard

i7 9700k

Corsair Periphs with RGB

Estimated Wattage is 450W tops with OC so a 750W Gold should be more than enough.
Apr 5, 2020
Have them running on both. I contacted EVGA support and they suggest the power supply wasn't giving 12V consistently. I just underclocked my GPU and set the power limit to 90%, it actually increased the performance, and got rid of a lot of that frame drop lag. I'm guessing it is the PSU?