Question RTX 2080 @ 1080p


Feb 19, 2010

So, my current spec is core i5 6600k @ 4.4ghz, 16gb DDR4 and an MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X, running on a Asus 144hz monitor.

I want to upgrade my GPU to an EVGA 2080 and in researching this I am reading conflicts? Some say that there would be a huge bottleneck due to my CPU whilst others state that there wouldn't be that much of a problem, all depending on the individual games but, that there would still be a sizeable improvement!?

In other words, I'm confused as I dont really want the hassle of a mobo and CPU upgrade I'd much rather swap out my GPU like I am used to, and getting those FPS improved!!!

Is anyone who has potentially been in this situation offer their thoughts please? As I obviously do not wish to drop 750 or more on a new card if, theres not going to be a significant improvement or worse still, a drop in performance!?

Many thanks!!!


The cpu pre-renders frames for the gpu, so the more frames there are, the more work the cpu needs to do. In some games, frame rates can overwhelm a 4c cpu nowadays. There are more open world map loading, game physics, Ai and multiplayer, there is quite a bit going on for a cpu nowadays.

144Hz+ is and becoming more popular and often see people not expecting such limitation with i5s today. Even modern i5s ie 8600k/9600k are showing weaknesses.

I agree with jankerson, an i7 with 8 threads will help serve the graphics card in recent games at higher frame rates.

See this dude



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