Question RTX 2080 drivers wont install /color blocking ?

Aug 27, 2022
GPU was bought on ebay for 111$ as is not working except in safe mode listed as an HP RTX 2080

I managed to get the driver to install. I took everything off the GPU, cleaned the whole surface of the card off and re thermal pasted the GPU.
I actually got it to boot normally without safemode but as soon as I go to log on to the computer the blocks of death come up.
Should I try the oven trick? if so what should the temp be? On a side note I looked at the "underside" of the card and noticed 2 components that are touching each other on the solder pads.

I don't know what the components are but it doesn't look like someone tried to solder on new parts. Card heats up pretty quick with no load.


Not likely the components weren't like that from the factory, probably okay. The placement robots sometimes get it a little wonky, as long as the underside is properly soldered to the right points.

Well, if you bought a parts only, not working listing, not much to tell you. If you want to take the risk, give it a bake.

As for the temperature you want it to be around the melting point of eutectic solder which is 183C, or 363F, so 190/375 would be about right. Strip the card of everything that isn't soldered down. You have to make sure anything that can fall off the card due to gravity is supported with tin foil. Heat it up and give some time for the air temperature to saturate the card then you let it cool back down without opening the door. Jostling it while anything is still liquid or flexible may make it worse.

Ideally you do not do this in your home oven. Find a thrift store and pick out a used toaster oven.