Question RTX 2080 Resolution Issue

Feb 17, 2019
So i was playing around with my resolutions in Windows 10 and i don't know what i did but now my system tray is cut in half where i can only see the top half of my icons on the system tray. i also can't see the date in the bottom right corner of the system tray, I can see the time above it though.

So obviously i have some kind of setting/resolution issue. So my first step was to chance the settings back to 1440x900 (resolution i was on before the issue started), No change. I tried setting to lower resolutions to see if it would at least get the system tray and all 4 corners back on the screen, no luck doing this. I changed to another HDMI input, no change. so then i deleted the drivers to the RTX 2080.

Once i deleted the drivers to the 2080 the issue was fixed and my display was right again but i knew i still have a issue because i had to remove the graphics card driver to fix it. So i rebooted came back in to windows, reinstalled the RTX 2080 drivers via GeForce Experience and as soon it reinstalled the drivers, the issue comes back, my system tray is cut in half and all 4 corners is off the screen. So i deleted the driver again in order to jump on my browser so i can look around for a answer on why this happening.

This has to be something simple i am missing lol.