Question RTX 2080 Super works in one PC but not in another ?


Mar 25, 2017
Hi there guys!
I've got an interesting problem I've been trying to solve for a few days now. I got this PC where the RTX 2080 super just won't work, but my old 1080 works flawlessly.
On boot there is no display (No signal detected). The mobo gives me a video card error (not every time) when trying to boot with the 2080.

Things that I've tried / that happens
  • Playing with the RAM slots does nothing.
  • Another set of RAM, no change.
  • Tried both PCIE slots on the mobo, 1080 works fine in both but not the 2080.
  • 2080 works flawlessly in the old PC.
  • PSU is 650w so it shouldn't be a problem
  • swapped power cables, no change
  • fans spin on it
  • Originally installed in a PC without a OS yet, didnt work. Plugged the 1080 in, boots fine, installed windows and drivers, changed back to 2080, still nothing.
I've reached a point where I think it must either be the MOBO or the PSU that is the culprit, but I'd love some more educated guesses on it before making a move.
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