Question RTX 2080 Ti heating issues with R6 and Warzone

Oct 20, 2020

Has anyone experienced any heating issues with R6 or Warzone? This just started happening about 2-3 months ago. The GPU suddenly heats up mid-fight for each match and at the final scoreboard for R6. I can hear the fans run really loud and fast then slows down but will pick back up several seconds later. This happens throughout the game. While in Warzone the fans constantly run high and I can feel it heating pretty high. For both games it can run over 85 C recently. This has never been the case before.

Games are usually run at 1440p Ultra settings because before it would stay cool regardless of how high I push the graphics. The only game that it can't really handle is FF15 where it sits at 60 fps for 1440p Ultra with all Nvidia features enabled. I dropped R6 to Low-Medium graphics but I can still hear the fans spinning loudly at the scoreboard (end of the match)
Windows 10 - up to date
All Drivers - up to date (just checked every single one)
Was running Driver Version: 456.55 - Release Date: Mon Sep 28, 2020
MSI Afterburner shows 40-65 C for temp when idle but when I load the games it fluctuates and my GPU fans get loud then drop.

Used DDU Display Drive Uninstall to rollback to Driver Version: 451.48 - Release Date: Wed Jun 24, 2020 when it was working
Reseated the GPU
Changed PCIe slots
Reseated the power cables connecting to GPU
Hardly any dust, because I clean it once a month.

Intel i7-6700k (About 2 years old)
Asus Z170 Pro Gaming Aura (About 2 years old)
Aorus RTX 2080 Ti OC 11GB (7 months old, bought brand new)
3 Corsair RGB Fans + 2 stock NZXT Fans (About 2 years old)
Kraken x62 AIO (About 2 years old)
Ballistix 16 GB RAM (About 2 years old)
3 TB SSD (About 2 years old)
Corsair CX 750M (About 2 years old)
Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX Computer Case - Tempered Glass Edition

I'm thinking it could be a bottleneck issue? Perhaps, I may need to upgrade my CPU/MoBo or my PSU because I noticed the Power usage on Task Manager shows it sitting pretty high sometimes then drops.
Oct 20, 2020
I just ran a test on Warzone and it was running as high as 80-100 C with custom profile fans running at

60%:50 C
80%: 60 C
95%: 70 C
100%: 70 C+

I've been hearing about people repasting their thermal paste. Still heats up like crazy.


Sep 29, 2020
If you had a real old GPU then I might recommend reseating the GPU on it's cooler.

Can you change the fan curve so that you are getting 100% fan speed at 70C or less?

I've got my Radeon vii running at that. It does crash now and again though - not often.
seems like a bit of everything. first that GPU quite power hungry one. so it bound to release lots of heat. usually the cooler equipped on the card are design to tackle this issue. so it should be able to cool the card fast enough before temperature end up being too high (although mid 80c is not unheard of for this kind of GPU). but even if the cooler able to handle the heat generated by the GPU it is useless if the generated heat cannot be dump outside the case. in this regard case air flow will also play a big role. not just the exhaust but the case also need ample cool air intake to cool things inside. since this issue only happen after a few months i'd say double check your case air flow. make sure the intake filter are clean from dust. your case by design are not optimized for air flow first.
Oct 20, 2020
Thanks for everyone's input, I figured out the issue. I re-pasted the thermal paste and noticed right after opening that the thermal paste was dried out. Perhaps, it was previously used because I didn't notice any warranty sticker on it. I guess I should have been more aware of the sticker policy for the warranty because I could have avoided all of this. I ran Warzone and Siege on Ultra at 1440p again and I'm no longer expierencing the issue.

Much appreciated!