Question RTX 2080 Too Much?


Feb 19, 2010

So I am considering an upgrade and at present I game at 1080p on a 144hz monitor with 16gb DDR4, an OC'd i5 6600K @4.4ghz and an MSI Gaming X GTX 1080 also OC'd. Now I know that for 1080p that seems ample but, I am sure that in the silicon lottery my card was at the bottom of the pile and I want to get potentially, a better GPU?

Would going up to an RTX 2080 be overkill as I realise that @ 1080p, most people I should imagine will say yes but moreover than that, at 1080p will I see a huge bottleneck? As in speaking to a much better informed friend, apart from saying no way should I get a 2080 because Nvidia can for the moment charge what they like and that it is a rip off, he didn't seem to think the bottleneck would be that bad overall? I was considering a full motherboard bundle but to be honest, I am not looking to spend that much time or money, I just wasnt to be able to maybe pop out and sell my current GPU and pop in a new one and be able to see instant results without completely breaking the bank? But I do realise that gone are the days when the GPU being improved was all that mattered. Now it's also about multi threads and core in the CPU also?

Any idea's as to what difference would it make be it a substantial boost, a bottlenect or just a plain rip off would be most appreciated!!

Many thanks.