Question RTX 2080 - - - what's the latest DLSS version ?

Mar 5, 2023
For referance RTX 2080 Gigabyte Gaming OC.

Anyone know what is the latest DLSS version supported by the RTX 2000 series ? There's lots of informations around, but non specific ones, that DLSS 3.0 will be added to 2000 and 3000 series, as only DLSS itself, without Frame Generation (as this is feature in 4000 with newest tech).

Someone on reddit already bypassed DLSS 3 and FG on 2070
without any proof so it may by scam, but if it's possible to run DLSS 3 on old series then maybe Nvidia will relese DLSS 3 also in previous seires.

But even if DLSS 3 won't be added to 2000 or 3000 (knowing nvidia wanting as buy their ridiculusly expensive cards for newer tech) then what's the latest DLSS already in 2000 series ?
As far as I know the 40 series cards are only supported by DLSS 3.0 along with only certain supported games. The bypass you refer too was done on Cyber Punk game from an earlier release or from a source from the game builder allegedly, the results are not that good with instability and the whole claim is unsubstantiated and has not been duplicated.
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