Question RTX 2080S Underperforming?

Apr 19, 2021
Just a few days ago I have recently bought an Alienware R11 desktop. 16GB RAM, Overclocked (+145,+1500 via AB) RTX 2080S, and an i7-10700F CPU.
I did a userbenchmark and I'm scoring pretty well, usually the top 30% of my exact setup statistics. But I feel like something is wrong and hindering my performance on my GPU omegle xender because even some not so demanding games are struggling to stay above 120fps on my 165hz monitor that can go to 120fps.
I've seen people with pretty similar if not the same specs running games like COD Warzone at high 1080p at like 150fps, I'm working on the lowest settings at 1080p (downscaled from 1440p base resolution) and I'm bouncing around between like 70-110.
The amount of time I have taken watching YouTube videos and reading forums is absurd. I've tried almost every little windows setting tweak, OC'd my card, and even under high stress situations I don't get very good GPU usage.
Someone please help! I wish to start streaming soon with my girlfriend, and I would love to know if there are any fixes I can do to make this thing exactly what it should be, a mid to high tier gaming PC.
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Make sure you actually have dual channel memory. A single stick of 16GB is not the same as 2x8GB or 2x16GB. That will make a huge difference in raw FPS output.

Additionally, you probably want to invest in a better CPU cooler. The cooler that Dell/Alienware typically put in is very undersized and will prevent CPU boosting and even cause throttling on the regular.