Question RTX 2080TI Black Screens Under Load

Oct 16, 2021
HI, i received a modified RTX 2080ti (arctic xtreme IV cooling) recently from one of my family members. Installed the card, updated bios, graphics drivers update and clean install, reset CMOS battery, but when I do anything graphics intensive with the card like a benchmark on 3Dmark, the screen just goes black. when i put my older GTX-980 SC in the same PCIe slot and power connections it works just fine, no bugs.

How could i fix this, or could it just be a faulty card?

PC Specs:
Motherboard - Z170 Pro Gaming
CPU - Intel Core I7-6700K 4.0ghz
GPU - RTX 2080TI 11gb
RAM - Gskil Ripjaws 16gb 3200mhz
PSU - Seasonic Focus GX-850 (850 watt)

- Note I am running 2 displays (main with HDMI and second monitor with a display port)