Question RTX 2080Ti causing artifacts all over the screen

Jul 17, 2019
So i received a brand new prebuilt system that is quite powerful (i7 9700k/RTX 2080Ti/32 GB of ram), it is indeed a really nice machine. But there is an issue i came across. I connected my pc to a monitor (Asus XG258Q) and there are some sort of lines all over the monitor. They are white, green and apparently from what i see, even blue. I tried to install the newest drivers and somehow they fail to install. To be more precise when it finishes installing the drivers, It doesnt really show they are properly installed. Has this something to do with PCI-E cables? Is graphics card installed in a wrong way? What should i do guys, any help would be highly appreciated, i am despreate. This however has nothing to do with the display since i tried it with my laptop and it works properly