rtx 2080ti - i7 6700K Blackout issues

Nov 17, 2018
Hi i recently got myself a 2080ti to take advantage of my 240hz monitor in blackout in 1080p, but sadly i dont get the frames i desire. i was wondering if i need to upgrade my cpu because i see shroud getting 220+fps in average in the meantime i get arround 120fps average and the lows are at 60 fps. Could my cpu be the problem here? or is it just a defect 2080ti? I am kinda worried to spend more money on a cpu and not getting the upgrade i want.

gpu: 2080ti Gainward GS
Cpu i7 6700K 4.0ghz
Ram: 2166mhz
Psu: 700w
os: win 10 home
Motherboard:MSI Z170-A Pro
Are any of your CPU cores at 100% while gaming?

Your RAM is 1000mhz slower than a lot of systems use so that could be a factor.

Tried reinstalling gpu driver with DDU in safe mode?

Use Afterburneror the like to max out target power and temp on the gpu. Doesn’t cause any damage, just gets some headroom.
Okay well as long as it's running in dual-channel it shouldn't be the issue.

Instead of a CPU upgrade you should upgrade to a 1440p 144Hz monitor. The 2080 Ti is overkill for 1080p resolution and won't get fully utilized.

Also, 700W power supply sounds suspicious. Even number units (600W, 700W, etc.) are often older and lower quality designs. What exact power supply do you have?
Nov 1, 2018
No CPU on the planet could push 200+fps @ 1080P with this game. Your RAM speed is slow as well but that isn't the main factor why you cant get 200+ FPS, its the CPU. Overclock it to get some more FPS but you wont be anywhere close to maxing out the refresh rate of your monitor.

These 240hz 1080P monitors are for players that either play e-sports games like CS Go and rocket league. The proper monitor for this GPU would be 2560x1440 @ 144HZ or 3440x1440 @ 120hz