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Question RTX 2080TI produces coil whine buzzling sound that infects my audio after changing my PC case.

Aug 11, 2019
I'm lost. My RTX 2080TI started producing coil whine when i changed my PC case. I'm now using a Mechify C ATX computer case.

At first the coil whine didn't really bother me since I'm always using a headset. Normally I don't hear anything, but when I play demanding games, my GPU's buzzling sound can be heard from my headphones.

If I use the front panel audio, I only hear the coil whine when in games, but if I connect the audio directly on the motherboard, the coilwhine is insanely loud to the point where I can barely hear anything else.

I didn,t have any coil whine with my old PC case. The only thing I did was transfer my current hardware into the new PC case. I have the exact same hardware components that I had in my previous case except I now get a buzzling sound from my GPU.

I understand that there's probably not an easy fix to this. Should I start by getting a new PSU? What should I do?