Info RTX 3000 Series Test Scores

Dec 10, 2020
i would like to know what anyone is getting for their furmark scores with a 3090. i thought it might b easier to include all 3000 series cards and all tests to make it simple for anyone with these new cards. i have had my 3090 for well over a month and it gets high scores on furmark but i have no idea if its normal 3090 scores or if its high scores but still low for a 3090. the few scores i found on the online list have been 1000-5000 points above mine. i have a msi ventus card and i think its fine as in it isnt like a low end 3090. i have a custom fan curve for it and it never makes it to 100% fan speed and it never hits 60 degrees C.
Just tested on furmark in the middle of writing this

preset 2160 - score 5341
preset 1440 - score 9396
preset 1080 - score 14021
preset 720 - score 23126

temp never reached 60 C

Again i want to make it clear this is for all tests not just furmark. When someone posts their scores from a different test i will post the results i get from that test.

(This is a repost as info instead of a question)