Question Rtx 3050 worth it or wait for 4000 series cards?

Jan 21, 2022
i want to buy a new card my budget is around 410$ but in that price range i can buy 3060 or 3060 ti but both cards out of stock can't buy so it is good to buy 3050 it's releasing on 27 January 2022 or wait for 3060 be back in stock or wait until 4000 series cards comes.

Price does not count for anything you can't buy because of out of stock.
The new 3050 may well command a higher than MSRP price at launch, even if it is available.
Do you have an old card to use now?

In the US, sign up for the newegg shuffle.
In time, you may be able to score a suitable card at a modest markup.
The shuffle usually bundles some other product which you may or may not want.

This quarter, intel is supposed to launch graphics cards.
That offers hope for pricing competition and relief if you can wait.
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