Question Rtx 3060 105 watt laptop model 6gb vram question

RTX 2080

Sure it can, but that doesn't mean that it'll be able to do so very well, or at frame rates you find acceptable. I game at 4K on a RTX 2080 (similar performance to a desktop RTX 3060 Ti) and it's 'good enough' in some games and underpowered by a decent amount in other games. So unless you're good with low settings, 30 fps, and sometimes even resolution scaling, you should probably buy a more powerful GPU if you intend to game at 4k.

Additionally, a GPU with 6 GB of VRAM is really only suited for gaming at 1440p or lower. 8 GB is considered the minimum for running any modern game at 4K, with 10 GB+ being preferred.

Bottom line, if you buy a laptop that you intend to game at 4k on, the minimum GPU I'd equip it with is a RTX 3070.
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