Question RTX 3060 benchmarking results and interpretation in my system?


Apr 5, 2020
Alright, I bought an EVGA RTX 3060 XC and I wonder if I am getting right results. I guess I do, due to my system, but you can tell me if you people have on mind:
  • It was clear that Novabench will not show positive (just 13th percentile-range), since it checks just in 720p and my other system components 'd hold the GPU back, FPS was like 165-170 and score 997. I have the free version, idk if the Pro has 1080p tests.
  • Furmark showed me scores 8000-8100 in 1080p and I didn't manage to find a similar test result, since most people seem to either play on 1440p or using laptop 3060; FPS - 135-137. I wish I could see all the test-results with their systems, not just the most recent ones...damn!
  • My system has a Xeon E3-1271 (=i7-4790) , ram 32 GB ddr3-1600, ik that it bottlenecks, but if it's just this, I barely care. It's not too bad and sooner/later I'll make upgrades. I play at 1080p and "just" 60 FPS is almost always fine for me. No 1440p display for now.
  • System info, GPU-Z, CPU-Z and HWiNFO along with MSI Afterburner showed fine with the recent upgrade of mine. Well, tbh, the only software for benchmarking I used was just Novabench & Furmark since the rest of my software I used just for general info. I might check 3D mark some day for the curiosity, but I'd get it on Steam sales. Idk if it's worth to check more benchmarking software, ik there is, but if I will not see proper comparison charts or if the programs don't have 1080p-test, I don't feel like it's worth wasting my time.
Mb I have already "answered" my "question", but if you have something to say, share.