Question RTX 3060 Fan Speed Issue

May 28, 2022
Hello friends,

For every time my video card officially sounds like the sound of airplane takeoff, it does not matter the cycle. So, i manually turned on and off the fans (2 pieces) to test this and the result i reached is as follows;

  1. The fan is perfectly normal, does not disturb even at 80% rpm, works silently.
  2. As for the fan, it works at 100% regardless of the rev setting i set, and i can't see the RPM value from any program, it's looks "0" rpm but it runs at 100% rpm and makes great noise (this is the source of the sound)

My system is new, the default settings apply; i didn't make any changes. Is this a problem or is there a setting i need to change? Thanks in advance.


Did you rectify the airflow path in your chassis as stated in this thread;

As for your GPU, what OS are you working with and what driver version are you on for your RTX3060? Are you yet working with the 650W PSU that came bundled with the case?