Sep 7, 2013

I just upgraded my GPU from a GTX 1660 SUPER to a RTX 3060 Ti.

here you can see my current build: PC-Partpicker
I use a Ryzen 2700X with 3200Mhz 16GB Memory and a 550W Powersupply.

Yet for some reason i get really bad FPS in my Games. When i play the Witcher 3 i get around 50FPS avg with Raytracing turned OFF. When i run Taskmanager on my 2nd Monitor, it shows a GPU load of max. 39% and a CPU load of around 50-60%.
Same for Warzone MW2, here i get a higher frame count but i get constant stutters where i drops beneath 60FPS. I don't understand why this is happening?

Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance.